As the professor of Technology Management at our Shanghai campus, Damiao taught in both our MBA and MIB programs. He not only brought in cutting-edge technology trends, but also the business acumen that no IT managers can succeed without. He also designed a highly practical simulation to help students to learn from real life experience how to be flexible and agile. The outcome of the course far exceeded our original expectations.

— James Chen, Managing Director
Hult International Business School

Audrey is a role model for what she teaches. She is professional, confident, friendly and charismatic. Her command of the Chinese language and understanding of the culture is exceptional. If it were not for her physical appearance, we would have taken her as Chinese.

Audrey contributed to us greatly by delivering a training that was well worth our time, customized to meet our needs, and provided a methodology for immediate and continuous improvements.

— Executive Briefing Center Manager
Cisco Systems

Audrey is the best that I have seen so far. She really understands the importance of oral presentation skills, and—even more importantly—she really understands how to help others develop their own. We feel lucky to have had her work with our company.

— Ken Wilcox, Chairman
Silicon Valley Bank


At one point yesterday I turned to Joe at the back table and we both had this silly grin our face as we marveled at the rapid fire, spontaneous facilitation of the audience’s responses to your questions and comments. It was both more entertaining and also more educational than Oprah! You’re a natural energizer, and combined with your desire to catch every translation error you make for a unique combination of rigor and flexibility. I really hope that we’ll be seeing more of your work in the future.

— Senior Partner
Oliver Wyman Leadership Development

我非常高兴推荐Audrey Schroeder女士,她的领导力培训课程全部使用中文讲授,效果显著。

Audrey Schroeder女士精心准备她的课程,总是提前到达,她讲课生动,举例丰富,帮助受训者准确理解。她还安排了很好的练习。她具备出色的表达和沟通技巧,我很喜欢参加她的课程,也从中受益很多,我在培训中备受鼓舞,获得力量,对我的领导力提升帮助很大。

Audrey Schroeder女士流利使用中文,使得我在领导力课程中彻底忘记了她是位来自外国的老师,她能够完全自如地用中文表达,尤其她将颇具学术性的基础理论准确清楚地使用中文阐述,给我留下深刻的印象。我们在课程中用中文写了许多问题,她的确完全地理解和明白我们的书面表达。

我很喜欢Audrey Schroeder女士的课程,我会继续参加她的课程并且会邀请我的员工参加。