Audrey Schroeder

Audrey Schroeder is a highly respected, multi-lingual leadership consultant and executive coach whose passions for continuous learning, dedication to excellence, and self-development and adventure make her sought after by clients throughout Asia and internationally. As one of the most experienced certified coaches in China, Audrey is known for designing and delivering leadership development initiatives across a broad spectrum of industries in Asia. She is also the most accomplished Western speaker of Chinese in the consulting, training and coaching space in China today. She works with multinational corporate executives to help them realize their full potential as leaders who, through their interactions, are consciously creating value in their systems. Audrey both lives and coaches her personal maxim of “going beyond our own borders,” delivering her work in Mandarin and Cantonese, as well as English.

The Best Mix of the East and West

Truly a citizen of the world, Audrey is an American who has lived in Shanghai since 2002, and has worked in Asia for two decades, developing Western and Chinese talent in MNCs by teaching principles and tools that enable executives to be more successful in communicating and collaborating with others. Audrey’s international career includes a decade in Hong Kong with HSBC and Standard Chartered Bank, working in research on Chinese economic development and in corporate communications as those banks rapidly expanded their China businesses; and as a change management consultant with Accenture in the US. Since 2002 Audrey has established her reputation for being an exceptional and trusted executive coach and facilitator with a committed client base including Bayer, Cisco Systems, Coca-Cola, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Telstra and the ClimateWorks Foundation, in Greater China and throughout Asia.

Audrey’s clients recognize her as an outstanding professional who is extremely focused, ethical and reliable, and whose attention to detail is unsurpassed. She utilizes a range of methodologies in her work with teams to identify and adopt breakthrough beliefs and behaviors. Her clients are leaders and teams at the mid to senior levels, working on everything from transformational change to communicating and messaging. Her toolkit includes a suite of world-class leadership principles and tools developed by Conversant, known as the Agile Enterprise; as well as the Mandel Blueprint and other solutions for effective messaging. She is certified in coaching and in the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument, and has used elements of NLP and the Corporate Athlete concept in her programs.

Dedicated to Excellence

Audrey’s commitment to excellence and embracing challenge is seen in her professional and personal achievements, including winning the Hong Kong Foreigners Speaking Mandarin competition early in her career, and by her Chinese language success, both in the examinations she’s taken and in her delivery of client engagements. Her unparalleled linguistic and cultural competence ensure she is the first person her clients turn to for critical global assignments, and is why the organizations she collaborates with in client projects so highly value their partnerships with her.

Audrey has studied directly with thought leaders such as Maria Nemeth, founder of the Academy for Coaching Excellence; and Mickey Connolly, founder of Conversant, both of whom she continues to collaborate with. Audrey is accredited by the Academy for Coaching Excellence, an ICF-certified institution; and she holds a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership and a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and Chinese.

A Great Sense of Adventure

When she is not traveling to serve her international roster of clients and taking in different countries and cultures, Audrey Schroeder can be found in the swimming pool, on her bike, or literally pounding the pavement as she trains for triathlon. Maintaining optimum fitness and striving to pursue meaningful goals are important to her both personally and professionally. Aside from being a triathlete, she enjoys competing in adventure races and is also a classical pianist. Her personal goals for 2013 include completing a Half Ironman triathlon and participating in her second 10-day Vipassana silent meditation retreat.