Damiao Lo

Damiao Lo is a business solutions consultant whose holistic approach and advanced solutions to his clients’ problems stem from his broad expertise in business, IT and system architecture strategy. Damiao’s clients count on his systematic and thorough approach to business consulting and his superior command of technology to deliver consistent and additional value. He anticipates their issues and develops user-friendly, leading-edge total solutions that empower them to work more efficiently and effectively — and also helps to design and generate new business possibilities for them.

“Technologically advanced and dependable”

Damiao’s 18-year track record of innovation includes corporate experience as a business analyst with leading Canadian telco SaskTel and working internationally as a successful business & IT solutions consultant. His expertise encompasses implementing Internet web portal infrastructure, integrating legacy systems with Internet portals and providing business process solutions to internal and external clients. As a partner in integrated coaching and business solutions consultancy SchroederLo Associates, Damiao’s progressive solutions include insightful advice on business restructure, executive coaching and facilitation, business set-up, asset management and protection, and optimized business practice for the challenging China market. Always expecting the unexpected, and thinking methodically from the inside out to solve each issue, Damiao draws on his deep experience in China, Macau, Hong Kong and Canada, plus his creative-solutioning, to assist his global clients to achieve seamless operations in challenging markets and to ensure their competitive edge.

“There isn’t an obstacle that Damiao can’t conquer”

Damiao is equipped with a powerful hybrid of exemplary IT, business consulting and executive coaching skills, which arm his clients with the knowledge, tools and confidence they need to create the platforms that will propel their businesses. He approaches each of his diverse client engagements with his trademark passion for problem solving. As one client says, “He never thinks ‘that’s impossible!’ — he thinks, ‘How can we do it?’ ” Damiao has an honest and direct style his clients appreciate and is differentiated in his field by the close attention he pays to the “human factor” of each assignment and his long-term, strategic perspective. He understands how change impacts not only at the organizational level, but also individually, and what the full implications of that change may be — a must in the dynamic and volatile China market. Known for his objective listening skills, and for quickly building rapport and trust, Damiao is keenly analytical, and has a natural curiosity and drive to see how far he can go beyond the project scope to deliver added value. He excels in proactively developing cost-effective, quality systems and processes that facilitate clear and transparent, actionable solutions, allowing his clients to explore new horizons.

Damiao Lo is originally from Macau, has spent 25 years studying and working in Canada, and now lives in Shanghai. He earned a Bachelor of Science from the University of Regina, Canada, and is fluent in English and Cantonese and proficient in Mandarin. Consistently championing advanced technologies that optimize workflow and advocating personal and professional development, Damiao is even enterprising in his spare time and can often be found developing problem-solving software or cutting-edge applications for SchroederLo or his clients.